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T-Shirt Quilts:

The quilt on the right showcases our Throw, a 12 T-shirt quilt that can be used as a wall hanging, lap or crib blanket or even as an exercise mat! The girls just love this one made for their grandmother from her race shirts.


12 shirts

44" x 56"

Throw quilts that are designed around a particular theme are always memorable as demonstrated by this one on the left made to commemorate a winning season for the coach of the Clinton soccer team. The members of the graduating class on the team wanted to thank their mentor and show their appreciation.

Prices, Options, Dimensions and Details
The templates below demonstrate the different options with resulting sizes and prices.
$179 $227 $203 $251
with strips oversized panels oversized panels
with strips
Borders: 12 shirt quilts have one border all around
Strips: You have the option of using strips to frame each panel.
(strips are the same color as inside border)
Oversized: Some collections of t-shirts consist of shirts with logos that are oversized (bigger than our finished panels of 12" by 12"). In that case we can make oversized panels: 14" x 14".