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T-Shirt Quilts:

We made the quilt to the right to display the owner's corporate zeal. He wears NIKE sneakers, works for NIKE and loves his NIKE quilt.


35 shirts

84" x 100"

This example was entrusted to us by the family of one our fallen heroes of 9/11. They thought it a good way to emulate the life of their beloved fireman. This quilt includes a loop of material across the top called a "hanger" for the purpose of displaying the wonderful memories for all to cherish.

Prices, Options, Dimensions and Details
The templates below demonstrate the different options with resulting sizes and prices.
  $379 $519 $449
with strips oversized panels
Borders: 2 borders all the way around and 3rd on each side.
Strips: You have the option of using strips to frame each panel.
(strips are the same color as inside border)
Oversized: Some collections of t-shirts consist of shirts with logos that are oversized (bigger than our finished panels of 12" by 12"). In that case we can make oversized panels: 14" x 14".