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T-Shirt Quilts:

We used our grandson, Brian to help show how comfortable our quilts can be. As you can see, they are perfect for relaxing or for making sure your children are wrapped in comfort while learning a little bit more about your life.


36 shirts

88" x 96"

This strips quilt to the left maps out a woman's life travels and amazing accomplishments. Notice how the royal blue strips frame each shirt, demonstrating the importance of every one.


Prices, Options, Dimensions and Details
The templates below demonstrate the different options with resulting sizes and prices.
  $379 $523 $451
with strips oversized panels
Borders: 36 shirt quilts have two borders all around with a 3rd on the top and bottom.
Strips: You have the option of using strips to frame each panel.
(strips are the same color as inside border)
Oversized: Some collections of t-shirts consist of shirts with logos that are oversized (bigger than our finished panels of 12" by 12"). In that case we can make oversized panels: 14" x 14".