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A fine sample of one of our memory quilts
Our Staff
Our quilts are handcrafted right here in Boston by carefully trained crafts people who take great pride in the quality of their work and the beauty of the final product. Master craftswomen and Production Manager, Kristie Mahoney, seen here on the right and below oversees each and every quilt.

We also offer the possibility of framing each shirt in a complimentary fabric as this picture demonstrates.

Your Options
Rosscommon will make your quilt just the way you want it. Pick the size of your quilt by choosing the number of shirts you want to use and consult the templates on each quilt page and the price sheet. Remember that you can use the back of a shirt instead of the front or both front and back. You can specify how the shirts are laid out in the quilt, choose the colors of the borders and back, or you can leave all of that to us.

Kristie Mahoney

A quilt 'in progress'
The quilts are soft, warm and light weight and give you an opportunity to display much loved but seldom seen shirts.

Kristie Mahoney (seen above) brings years of experience, an artistic eye and a commitment to detail to insure that your quilt is a special memory.

Our Quilts
Although each quilt is a treasured keepsake, it is also easy to care for. It is completely machine stitched which makes it more durable. The border and back fabrics are from cotton blends and will neither run nor shrink, however, be careful since the t-shirts in the quilt may run and/or shrink. Please wash your shirts before sending them to us.

Your shirts are cut into 12" x 12" square panels and the face of the quilt is made by piecing those panels together. Some collections of t-shirts consist of shirts with logos that are oversized (bigger than 12" x 12"). In that case we can make oversized panels: 14" x 14".