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Katie says "Away at college, it was a great conversation piece. Everyone wanted to look at it and know the story behind each panel. It is the best blanket because no matter how bad my day was, I'd always go to sleep wrapped in good memories!"

Every child in St. Brendan's parish has a hidden stash of well worn t-shirts that are too small to wear but too precious to discard. Little League baseball and softball shirts, ADSL soccer shirts, girl and boy scout uniforms, St. Brendan's jerseys and plaid skirts are all stuffed into a green plastic bag and tucked into the back of a closet or stashed in the attic or cellar waiting for a second chance at life. A unique solution to this parent's dilemma was created by RossCommon Quilts when they started turning those tattered but priceless heirlooms into memory quilts.

When Katie Grassa, a St. Brendan's alumnae, graduated from high school, her parents, Donna and Jack Grassa, searched for a present that would show her how proud they were. Her quilt pictured on the right, was fashioned from a lifetime of activities centered around her family and neighborhood and features her hobbies, sports and school memories. Katie says: "The quilt was the best gift I received for my high school graduations!"

Like all parents, the Grassa's sent Katie off to college with the mixed emotions of hope and loss, but her quilt allowed them to send a little bit of home along too.

Rosscommon Quilts was founded in 1989 as a traditional quilting company by Dorchester neighbors Ann Walsh and her husband Jack Cunningham. They are both runners and came up with this wonderful idea of making quilts from t-shirts, due to the excess of race shirts most runners collect. Recognizing the universal problem posed by the mountain of t-shirts in everyone's life, they transformed the problem into a cottage industry.

From humble beginnings in the cellar or their home on Ashmont Street, they developed a national following of devoted customers, many of whom have had eight or nine quilts made. Each June the next graduating child receives a quilt, or December brings the Christmas surprise for Mom of a quilt made from her travel t-shirts., or Dad's birthday is celebrated with a quilt from his Grateful Dead concert shirts. Moving with Ann and Jack to their new house on Fairfax Street, RossCommon has continued to grow and they have now made thousands of quilts for thoroughly satisfied customers.

Their renowned Dorchester Quilt, which celebrates the children and merchants of the neighborhood, was auctioned at the St. Brendan's Auction. St. Marks Main Streets benefited from their community spirit when they donated another Dorchester theme quilt for fund raising purposes. You can see one of their quilts on display at College Hype Sportswear in Adams Village or by calling for an appointment at 617.436.5848 or visit their website at